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    How to implement exception handling in jbpm6.1 using jbpm-console?

    Hari Kumar Newbie

      Hi Team,


      We are using jbpm-console for designing a process , triggering using rest API of jbpm-console.

      We have added some custom node as well in the palette. For this respective nodes added generic handler classes as well. Using those nodes able to trigger the process.

      I have gone through userguide jbpm6.1 Exception Management chapter , in that they are explaining about servicetask along with SignallingTaskHandlerDecorator. We don't have ksession to register handler like below as we are using restAPI to trigger the process.


      String eventType = "Error-code";

      SignallingTaskHandlerDecorator signallingTaskWrapper = new SignallingTaskHandlerDecorator(ServiceTaskHandler.class, eventType);


      ksession.getWorkItemManager().registerWorkItemHandler("Service Task", signallingTaskWrapper);


      Looking for guidance on implementing some generic exception handling mechanism for all the process in the project(Retry the execution of same node 3). Could anyone suggest me best way of implementing it.




      Thanks in Advance,



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