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    JBoss custom deployement

    Adrien T Newbie



      I recently migrated my dev environment to Eclipse Luna and noticed they dropped the Generic JBoss support.


      As a result, I started to use JBoss Tools. When I am publishing my application I need to do some extra processing with some renames and things. Before using JBoss Tools, the Generic JBoss plugin was allowing me to specify extra instructions to the deployment (done my editing the jboss323.xml file of the plugin).


      I have the feeling I can't do such things with the JBoss Tools. Am I right? If not, how could I achieve that?


      Thanks for your help

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          Rob Stryker Master

          Eclipse's generic jboss support was ant-based, and the server adapters provided by  JBoss Tools  is not. So you're most likely correct that whatever you had working with the generic support probably doesn't work for you now in JBoss Tools.  But, we'd love to hear your usecase and see if maybe there's a way we can accomodate it, either in the future or in the most recent release.

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            Adrien T Newbie

            Thanks for your answer Rob.


            That's what I was expecting indeed... The Ant script we were using until now is doing multiple things:

            • renames some of our JARs into SARs.
            • move some lib files into a different folder of the EAR
            • clean some JARs from specific files
            • rebuild the EAR with the updated files
            • move the EAR in the JBoss deployment folder


            We did that to address specific deployment needs that could not be done by Eclipse directly.


            Using JBoss Tools, do you think about an alternative solution?