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    Data file not shrinking + huge startup time

    David Novak Newbie

      Dear all,

      I am using Ispn6.0.2 with persistence in a single file, it has around 20million entries - some 120GB on SSD disk. So far, I was using local mode, the startup time being a few minutes for loading metadata of the entries to memory. Switching to distribution mode and starting a second node, the first node handed over around 1/2 of its data, which took some 4 hours (I'm OK with that) and then the initialization process ended alright.


      The problem is that the data file of the first node did not shrink, so I have two data files on two nodes: the first with 120GB and the second with 60GB. I closed the caches and killed the process. Next time, I started both nodes up, the second node started in minutes but the first one is starting again a few hours, probably checking all its entries and trying to hand them over to the second one (both processes have CPU and I/O activity).


      Could anybody help with what am I doing wrong, please? The configuration is attached. Thank you very much.