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    Recommended strategy for deploying Camel / Spring applications on EAP

    James Netherton Newbie

      I'm trying to find info on what the Red Hat recommended strategy is for deploying Camel / Spring applications on EAP. There are numerous posts on the Internet explaining how to write Camel apps for EAP. The approaches used seem to fall into 2 categories...


      1. Bundle all of the Camel / Spring dependencies with the application (E.g for a WAR deployment in WEB-INF/lib).




      2. Configure custom Camel / Spring modules which applications can then share and reuse.


      Is there an approach that Red Hat recommended for this?

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          Jochen Cordes Novice

          Hi James,


          The first approach works well if you have only one war deployed with Camel inside while the second is better in terms of memory footprint. The second is a bit more complicated, though, as you would have to bundle a jboss-deployment-structure.xml with your app or manipulate the manifest.


          If you start off from JBoss Fuse Service Works you will already find quite a few Camel and Spring libs bundles as JBoss modules.


          I would definitely recommend the second approach also from maintenance/standardization perspective, i.e. you can update single Camel JAR's and don't have to update all your applications.


          Kind regards,