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    Daylight savings problem

    clau25 Newbie

      I use timestamps in my project and sql base. When i save a timestamp, it is saved in my database without daylight savings changes. For example, i am now in GMT + 01:00 timezone and if i have the following timestamp to save: 2005-03-28 10:00:00, it will be saved in database: 2005-03-28 09:00:00.

      When i read the data, the correct timestamp (including daylight savings changes) is showed in my application. But when i write the timestamp in jboss, it is displayed without the daylight savings changes. I'm running a local instance of jboss, so the jboss and my client run on the same machine that has the daylight savings changes enabled.

      Could anyone give me a hint why i don't get the same time in both cases?

      Thank you in advance,