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    jBPM 6.1: Is there a way to always start a process for latest deployment by Remote API?

    David Horvat Newbie

      We are using jBPM “as a service”. We have a kie-wb deployed on a central server. We use workbench only for uploading artifacts and deploying new processes. All manipulation (starting process, claiming tasks …) is done by Remote API from several clients. When we change the process definition or some classes in kjar, we upload and deploy new version to the workbench.

      Already started process instances should continue to execute according to the underlying process version / deployment. But we always want to start new process instances for latest deployment.

      Is there a standard way to always start new process instances for latest deployment or do we have to call [GET] /deployment/, extract the latest version ourselves and then pass it to the RemoteRuntimeEngineFactory?