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    mod_cluster sending requests to one server

    Srinivas S Newbie

      Hi All,



         Please find the screen shot of my environment. I am using tomcat7, Apache and mod_cluster. As show in the diagram 2 webservers, 3 Application severs with 4 instances on each one. And same applications as showin in the diagrams are deployed in other instances of other servers.



      My observations

      1) I have noticed that mod_cluster is sending all requests to only one tomcat where same application is deployed on 2 instances on server( ex- requests to APP1 is either served by tomcat1 or tomcat4. But not both. But I can see all the requests are going to server1,2,3.).

      2) I have noticed 404 errors couple of times where 2 applications are installed in the same tomcat.

      3) Attaching setup. Do we need to configure balancers to handle above env?. If so could you please help what configuration required at webserver and appserver.