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    Deploying from Eclipse to web editor

    Sam Meek Newbie

      Hi Board,


      I am relatively new to JBOSS and JBPM so apologies for potentially simple questions.


      I have developed a project in Eclipse and I want to deploy it to the web app. I am running the ant script demo locally. I have my eclipse project pushing to github and I can successfully import the github repo into the web editor. However I have come across several issues.


      1)     I have attempted to "Build and Deploy" but I keep getting a "number of transferred bytes cannot be negative" error. Is this due to dependencies? My eclipse project manages its dependencies through Maven and has pom.xml in the route, should the web editor be pulling these in?


      2) I have setup my eclipse project with a main class to set the variables in the BPMN workflow and then execute the workflow successfully. Do I need to do something else within the web console?


      Thanks for time and patience.