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    Dynamic Query

    haninaguib Newbie


      In my application I use dynamic QL in several of my CMPs and it is working fine.

      I am now trying to get my application to deploy both on JBoss and Websphere, but websphere complains about the ejbSelectGeneric during deployment time:

      Error generating ejbSelectGeneric(java.lang.String,java.lang.Object[]) query for bean TrigpublisherSetting (Abstract schema name=TrigpublisherSetting). Error=unknown EJB or ASN name: java.lang.Object[]

      I know this is more of a websphere question, but I was wondering if anyone here has an application that uses dynamic QL and is also able
      to deploy it on websphere and jboss.

      Note: This is a deployment time problem, not runtime. The ejbSelectGeneric is specific to JBoss, when running on websphere my code uses a different approach to executing dynamic queries.