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    Which Java Technology stack selection for high trsanctional financial system ??

    Gulam Samdani Expert

      I would like to know the which is better technology stack for core financial system .


      Application overview:


      We are going to develop a Core banking application, where in more than thousand of user transaction at a time (cash in /out).

      3000 HTTP session will be active at a time.

      Mostly, CRUD operations but heavy validations, scripting, performance are required in UI front and server side .

      Need high level security .

      Need high level messaging system (MQ)

      highly transactional system

      clustering and load balancing

      High level hardware resource consume properly

      Flexible Integration capabilities



      Technology (all stack are latest technology )



      Stack 1 : ( 10% JS + JSF2.2) CDI +EJB 3.2 + JPA/ hibernate    2.1 + apache shiro security  + wildfly 8 (domain mode)


      stack 2 : (80% JS + Spring MVC) + Spring IOC + JPA /hiberate + spring security + apache tomcat /any apps webserver


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