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    Can we use static node discovery protocol with udp multicast in jgroups clustering?

    Pallavi Kushwaha Newbie


      We have to setup JBoss EAP 6.1.0.Alpha in a clustered environment in our production. On testing we found that if we use udp multicast protocol in jgroups communication, the default node discovery protocol used is PING which sends multicast messages to every JBoss node on the network, but as a security concern we want our node to just send these messages to a specific set of initial hosts we define.


      This can be done if we use TCPPING with tcp protocol. But as udp multicast is the preferred one, we want to use TCPPING (or any other discovery protocol serving the same purpose) for nodes discovery with udp multicast for other messages. Can this be achieved?


      Also, if there are other clusters in the same network with any another application deployed, the MERGE protocol in jgroups merges those to our clusters. How this can be prevented?

      To solve the above issue, will removing the MERGE protocol itself, if we have a single domain cluster, cause any other problems?


      Please help me on this. Thanks!