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    CLI hangs when undeploying MDB applications under load

    Jaroslav Simak Newbie

      We have several ears (about 6) with a MDB deployed in a standalone server, just reading the particular queue (Websphere)

      and putting the data into a database in a XA transaction.


      We observe, that under a load the aplication can't be undeployed and the application server can't be stoppped.

      The CLI call simply hangs. Under no load, there is no problem or what so ever.


      The application is rather simple and beside setting of datasources and queues nothing special has been done in

      the wildfly configuration.

      Should I consider it as bug (application, JCA, CLI, Wildfly ...?) or can I do something to improve the response capability for CLI.



      Wildfly 8.1

      Websphere MQ

      DB2 v9.7.0.8