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    WildFly 8.1.0 and Windows Event Log integration

    Ovidiu-Catalin Newbie

      Can somebody point out what would be the appropriate way to integrate WildFly logging with Windows Event Log?

      More specifically log messages produced (using Log4J API) from application deployed on WildFly server to the Window Event Log and check log entries with Event Viewer Windows tool?


      A solution under research, builds on top of the following parts:

      • implement a custom handler to integrate JNA calls with WildFly logging sub-system and perform field/priority/level matching between log events and Windows log events;
      • use the WildFly logging sub-system to filter/route log events to the custom handler based on log categories;
      • deploy the custom handler code in the WildFly extension libs.


      While working on the solution above, the following concerns are under debate:

      • is it a correct assumtion to think that custom handler will run in a thread-safe context?
      • will the custom handler become a bottleneck since it will be the only shared point of dispatching log events and it will use native API?
      • is it possible to deploy the custom handler in a seamless way as applications get deployed in 'domain controller' mode?


      Are there other viable solutions to this problem? Any suggestions?


      Thank you