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    JBoss EAP 6.1, Migrating from jbossws-cxf 4.1 to jbossws-cxf 5.0

    Federico Pelliccia Newbie


      after migrating a web application from Jboss AS 5 to Jboss EAP 6.1, I'm facing a quite large JVM memory leak (application server needs to be restarted once a day).

      By the JVM Dump and Eclipse tools, I've noticed that a big part of memory is consumed by Apache CXF classes. (we use a lot of webservices calls in our application, and the calls have not changed in AS migration).


      We are currently using jbossws-cxf 4.1 that's embedded in jboss eap 6.1.


      after some researches I've seen that the cause could be some bugs (for example JBWS-3847) on that jbossws-cxf version.


      Considered that in our context It's mandatory to use JBOSS-eap 6.1, I would like to perform an upgrade of jbossws-cxf from 4.1 version to 5.0 version



      Someone has performed this operation?


      It's sufficient to change jbossws-cxf libraries under modules\system\layers\base\org\jboss\as\webservices\main and org.apache.cxf libraries under modules\system\layers\base\org\apache\cxf?


      There are other operations to be performed?



      Thanks in advance