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    HornetQ durable queues performance

    jeffsmitth Newbie



      We're using HornetQ running on two machines as a cluster using HA replication. This is running on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

      When using durable queues the time messages take to be sent/consumed from queues increases (as expected) and we'd like to performance tune this.

      More powerful AWS machines have been tried, including using provisioned-iops volumes for the HQ journal but this doesn't improve performance significantly.

      We're trying to understand where the bottleneck in the system is (i.e. are we memory/cpu/io bound) and have been monitoring the AWS instances using sar and iostat and we don't seem to be hitting any limits (max memory/max cpu/max iops).


      Are there any recommendations for identifying where the bottleneck could be?


      Our setup involves four durable queues all on the same instance of HornetQ:

      Message M1 (~ 50 bytes) produced to Q1

      Message M1 consumed from Q1.

      Message M2 (~ 2000 bytes)  produced to Q2

      Message M2 multicast to queues Q3 & Q4 (using Apache Camel)