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    Unable to find driver class name in "OrclJDBCDriver" jar

    Jitendra Tiwari Newbie

      Hi ,

        I am trying to install custom driver as a module. I have created a custom wrapper over oracle.jdbc.xa.client.OracleXADataSource.

                 1- I created a module.xml as below

                    <module xmlns="urn:jboss:module:1.3" name="com.orcl.jdbc">


                              <resource-root path="customDriver.jar"/> //custom driver jar



                          <module name="javax.api"/>

                         <module name="javax.transaction.api"/>



                  2- customDriver.jar contains my custom driver class.

                  3-     <driver name="OrclJDBCDriver" module="com.orcl.jdbc">                      



                4-  I am getting a warning  "Unable to find driver class name in "OrclJDBCDriver" jar". 

                        But if I do the same steps with  oracle.jdbc.xa.client.OracleXADataSource(ojdbc.jar), it works fine.


        I want to use my custom driver.

      Any help would be highly appreciated.