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    Request to RESTEasy Web Service times out and repeats.

    Jim Piersol Newbie

      Using JBoss6.1.0.Final.  I know it is old and not the latest...but its what we use.


      We have several REST Services defined using RESTEasy.


      A few of the REST calls are taking a long time to complete.  After being in a pending state for 2 minutes, the requests are repeated automatically.


      I can easily reproduce this by setting a breakpoint in one of my REST methods and letting the debugger block the Thread.  I can set and watch the call being repeated numerous times.


      What I think is happening is the http request is timing out and returning a 200 (for some reason) and something in the web container is repeating the request. 


      I have found various bread crumbs on the net about tweaking http timeouts and such.  I still haven't been able to find anything in jboss6.1.0.Final that I can tweak to control these timeouts.


      Changing the calls to not be such long running would get us around the issue, but I would like to know how to control this behavior.


      Any ideas?