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    Unexpected behavior with local index provider and mixin properties in modeshape 4

    javagirlie Newbie

      Hello modeshape team!


      We are using the new index feature of modeshape 4 and have some queries that do not behave like expected. Without the configured indices the queries work.


      The following node types are defined:

      [my:authored] mixin

      - author (STRING) COPY

      - coAuthors (STRING) multiple COPY


      [my:content] > my:authored

      - content (STRING) mandatory COPY


      With the following query we'd like to retrieve all contents that are either authored or co-authored by the same person:

      select * from [my:content] where author in ($author) or coAuthors in ($author)


      But instead of the correct results we always get duplicates of the same node entries.


      Attached is an example test case demonstrating the problem. Please have a look at it - we are not sure if that is a bug or if we are doing something wrong.


      Thanks in advance,