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    Started to implement Cloud BinaryStore

    Bastien Billey Newbie

      Hi, I just started to implement cloud BinaryStore, to be able to store binary file into service like AWS-S3. It use http://jclouds.apache.org/

      For the moment the basic stuff works, files are stored in a bucket and can be retrieved. But I have some methods not implemented (storeExtractedText, getExtractedText...), I don't really know how to implement it right now.

      So if someone is interested by this implementation and want help to improove it or give me advices don't hesitate. The repo is available here https://github.com/dooApp/cloud-binarystore


      One more question :  In my app I'd like to save my binary file in my bucket, but in a different directory for each user. Where can I achieve this ? is this configurable in Modeshape ?