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    How to make PicketLink read roles from AD?

    Daniel Castro Newbie

      First of all I must thanks in advance for any kind of help to answer my questions.


      I read the sourcecode of picketlink-authorization-idm-ldap sample code.  It helped me a lot.  But I must try to address another feature, modifying this sample code to answer my needs.

      1. The Roles are hardcoded inside ApplicationRole enum.  I would like to get the roles defined inside my Active Directory inside an OU of my AD;  How to do it?
      2. I use Primefaces 5 and would like to use the EL like written here - http://blog.primefaces.org/?p=717 - but I do not know how to put picketlink and PF 5 EL.


      How to do it?