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    Errai is overriding javax-enterprise but not overriding InvocationContext?

    Phillip Nakaska Newbie

      eclipse is marking isAnnotationPresent as not resolvable

      The error I see is 'The method isAnnotationPresent(Class<JBossEJBClientLogin>) is undefined for the type Method'

      for code that needs to search for the JBossEJBClientLogin.class in the context;


      if (ctx.getMethod().isAnnotationPresent(JBossEJBClientLogin.class)) { ... }

      where ctx is InvocationContext.


      Is there a way of correcting this dependency? I'm Using a POM more or less based on the errai-jaxrs-demo-crud.

      The project does build, but any  ctx.getMethod().getAnnotation() calls in the app won't resolve in eclipse.