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    What the status of <rich:gmap>?

    Gunnar Halvorsen Newbie

      I, and problably many more, have been struggling to include the <rich:gmap> tag, but I have now realized that the tag are removed from the latest runtime version 4.5.0

      What is actually going on? It seems not to be included in version version 4.0 either.

      The Live Demo's is showing a nice example as everything is fine and the enclosed API-documentation looks fine, but is it actualle posible to get a version like this running in RF 4.5.0?

      OR shouln't it be a notice that tells it is temporary disabled and is under reconstruction?

      Is it any schedule for when the <rich:gmap> ?


      I'm a proud developer of RF, but this component was a big disapointment.


      But fortunately It's my first bad experience with RF.


      Does any know any status for this component ?