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    Different seam versions

    Kaiza R Newbie

      am very new to programming in java. i chose jboss and i have tried hard to get how this thing work.

      i used jboss seam to generate a project.  unfortunately, i have no clue how it is that i have different files........i need assistance here.....

      i generated two projects at different times (6 months later for the second project) using jboss-seam-2.2.1.Final


      my 'SRC' folder in both projects has 3 folders........ 'hot' , 'main' and 'test'

      In the hot folder for the old project i have   'BottleHome.java' , 'BottleSearching.java' and 'BottleSearchingAction.java'

      In the hot folder for the newer project i have 'BottleHome.java' and 'BottleList.java'

      Any assistance why they are different?


      i have altered the search listing and criteria for my older project and it works better than the search listing and criteria for the new project. i wanted to transfer the navigation/pagination code from the newer project to the old project but this cant work.....am too lazy to think more.


      Can somebody post a code for navigation/pagination for a 'hot' folder with 3 files as explained.......i deleted mine when i was dealing with instant listing on keyup. The navigator was good,it could give 'next' , 'previous' , 1,2,3,4,5,.......'last page' , 'first page'..............i would appreciate if somebody could post a code for this navigator and assist me where to exactly put the files in both hot and main