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    Alert Notifications

    Aaron Wentzell Newbie

      Is there any way to make an alert notification smarter?  For example, what we would like is to have the alert send out a notification every hour until it is acknowledged on the server (or corrected I guess).  From all that I have read, this isn't possible.  Does anyone have any ideas if this is possible or if there is a way of doing this?

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          Thomas Segismont Expert


          As long as alerts conditions are met, new data coming in should trigger the sending of new alerts. But as far as I know, notifications of the same alert (not alert definition) cannot be resent.


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            jay shaughnessy Expert

            I think in general we try to stop short of having RHQ perform very complex alert notification handling.  Instead we limit the scope to providing enough notification handling to satisfy many use cases, and otherwise be able to feed into more complex alert handling workflows, implemented by the users.  The variations of needs in this area vary widely, and are often very specific.

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              Aaron Wentzell Newbie

              With this, I found a sufficient way to do it.  Essentially , I added a notification to Reset the Statistics when the conditions are met for the 1 hour dampening.  That essentially resets the clock and then we get another notification an hour later if the conditions are still met.  Thanks all for your help.