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    Use of EAP 6.3 inbuilt Hibernate


      I've downloaded JBoss EAP 6.3 and Hibernate 4.3. But the inbuilt Hibernate with EAP contains the v4.0 of Hibernate, which I want to replace with newer one. But whatever the case is, the currently included Hibernate reference is also not displaying in loaded libraries.


      Here is environment specification-

      1. JDK 7
      2. Hibernate 4.3.7
      3. JBoss EAP 6.3
      4. Eclipse Kepler
      5. Windows 7, 32bit


      How is it possible not to use another hibernate jar and it's dependencies, when one system is already supplied ith EAP?

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          EAP will load the libraries/classes when the app asks for it. You can use jboss-deployment-structure to control which version(slot) of hibernate to load.


          If you are packaging hibernate jar with your applications, use below in your EAR/META-INF, this tells server not to load hibernate.

          To use newer hibernate as module, add the new version as a new slot and modify below file to load that slot for your app.





                    <module ="org.hibernate">