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    AS7 configuration file license?

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      Are the default AS 7 xml configuration files (e.g. standalone.xml) licensed under LGPL, or is there a more permissive license for it?


      The context of my question...


      I am a committer on the apache Brooklyn project [1]. This automates the deployment and runtime management of applications to a range of different clouds. JBoss' app-server can be one of a range of components being deployed and wired together.


      We have copied the standalone.xml configuration file, and templated it so that automated deployment of custom configurations are simpler. However, Apache does not allow inclusion of GPL/LGPL material [2]. We may have to write our own version of the configuration file from scratch, or delete our templated version and resort to `sed` commands to modify the default (yuck!).




      [1] https://brooklyn.incubator.apache.org/

      [2] http://www.apache.org/legal/3party.html

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          Haha, so this would essentially mean that everyone who starts with standalone.xml file and reconfigures it would have to make it available to the public since he made modifications?


          That's certainly not the case and not the point of licensing, as far as I understand it, LGPL doesn't cover configuration files (this is probably made clear by the 0th section talking about definitions).