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    How can I deploy a Java agent library to Fuse/Fabric child containers?

    Steven North Newbie

      I have a Java agent library that does byte code instrumentation (like Byteman or YourKit) which I want to have loaded into child containers started by Fuse/Fabric?  I can do so with the Fuse/Fabric root container by following directions I have found on-line:


      - add Java -agentlib option  to the JAVA_OPTS in the Fuse start up script (karat.sh)

      - modify org.osgi.framework.bootdelegation to include required classes in etc/config.properties


      How can I have these modifications "inherited" by child containers?  Is this a "container provider" level mechanism or can it be done in a Fuse/Fabric profile?


      Strictly speaking, that would cover Karaf containers, but I would like to be able to do this kind of thing in all Java containers, and maybe something similar in process containers and Docker containers.


      Thanks in advance.