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    Changes to release build


      Hey all,


      FYI, with the recent push to release (SWITCHYARD-2456), you can now build any/all platforms using the following profiles:

      • eap - build EAP distro
      • wildfly - build WildFly distro
      • karaf -build Karaf distro


      By default, the eap and karaf profiles are enabled.  (Note that specifying profiles on the command line will override the defaults, e.g. -Pwildfly will only build the wildfly profile.)


      These changes also improved test coverage, and some of those improved tests make use of jboss.home property.  Because of this, when building the eap profile, you must now use eap.home to specify your EAP install instead of jboss.home (e.g. was: -Djboss.home=/path/to/eap/6.3 now: -Deap.home=/path/to/eap/6.3).


      Please let me know if you have any problems.