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    Maintaining SOAP session

    Max Ozkin Apprentice

      Hi, what is the easiest way to enable maintaining SOAP session when consuming external WebService?

      For example, if you need to preserve a cookie (returned in "Set-Cookie" header) in all following WS invocations (the cookie is then in "Cookie" header).

      I can't find any property which could enable this.. Using In/Out Interceptors could be possible with extra code, but doesn't seem like a nice solution, plus it will be invoked for each message, which can be inefficient if Set-Cookie is returned only in first WS request.

      Or maybe there is a simple way to access HTTP header for this "first" request and store the cookie session id?

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          Jorge Morales Master


          Funny enough we had similar discussion today on Switchyard IRC (http://echelog.com/logs/browse/switchyard/1415833200) starting at 14:26.

          Anyway, I will summarize:

          Your option is to include the header in the context mapper "includes" configuration, so you get it back from the first call. And then use it in the following calls, also allowing for this property to be set on the HTTP transport.

          There are some bugs related to this, and also, when you set a header in the SOAPMessageComposer it will try to set it as as SOAP header, so you'll need to set the correct scope (endpoint.http) I think.


          I would recommend you to look at SOAPContextMapper as there is where all the logic happens. To understand better the context mappers, read: http://unpoucode.blogspot.com.es/2014/10/message-composers-in-switchyard.html


          If you have more problems, shout again for more help here.




          And if you make it work, do not forget to share your solution. Somebody else may hit same problem in the future.

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            Max Ozkin Apprentice

            Thanks Jorge for the information. Seems maintaining SOAP session isn't a unique problem.

            I tried now using ".*" for "includes". Also enabled message tracing. The only HTTP header it prints additionally is "Accept", which isn't useful in this case. I tried to specify "Set-Cookie" explicitly (with both camel/lower cases), but it didn't help. I played with both versions 1.1 and 2.0alpha3.

            In CXF and JaxWS you can specify required behaviour simply by enable one property. Pity, SY hides this useful feature (and also the headers).

            I didn't get about setting "endpoint.http", at which place/phase I need to do it?