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    How to listen Cache event by node with capacityFactor="0"?

    Natsuki Hirayama Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am using infinispan-6.0.2.Final.
      Now there are two kinds of Nodes I am using, first one is Node which are deploying Cache with distributed mode and second one is Node which are working with capacityFactor="0", I would like to let Node which is specifying capacityFactor="0" listen Cache events, but this Node can't get event notification.

      Is there any way to listen and get Cache events even by Node with capacityFactor="0" ? How can this Node listen Cache events?

      *Settings of CapacityFactor="0"

      <clustering mode="distribution">

        <sync />

        <l1 enabled="false" />

        <hash numOwners="2" capacityFactor="0" />