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    amulya nunna Newbie

      I am accessing Infinispan server remotely, using hotrod client.I have configured named cache in standalone.xml.Is it possible to have a seperate configuration file for named cache other than standalone.xml?If it is possible,then where to place it?

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          Tristan Tarrant Master

          No. The server configuration file needs to be managed by the server itself since modifications to the domain model representation (e.g. via CLI) will be persisted back to the file itself.

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            amulya nunna Newbie

            When the infinispan server is used remotely using hotrod client,where to add the properties like loaders,replication of infinispan.xml in standalone.xml of server

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              Radim Vansa Master

              The configuration looks like:


              <subsystem xmlns="urn:infinispan:server:core:6.0" >

                       <cache-container name="default" default-cache="testCache">

                          <transport executor="infinispan-transport" lock-timeout="600000" />


                          <distributed-cache name="testCache">

                             <persistence><!-- your cache loader goes here --></persistence>





              For details, please consult schema docs/schema/jboss-infinispan-core_/version/.xml in server distribution.