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    duplicate deployments / deployments listed in standalone.xml

    Frank Langelage Master

      On out development server I installed WF 9.0, built from sources as of Nov., 5th.

      Our nightly restart script shuts down WF, cleans up old files from deployments folder, deletes the log files and deletes the data and tmp folders. The same as for our JBoss AS 4.24, 7.20 and 8.10 instances.

      Startup does not work after that for WF 9, with message about duplicate deployments.

      This is caused by entries in standalone-full.xml. Right at the end there is a deployments-Element listing all deployments I had before cleanup:

          <deployment name="ifxjdbc_all.jar" runtime-name="ifxjdbc_all.jar">                                          
              <content sha1="389b3248f2863749ac0a77329fb01e8c84927536"/>                                              
          <deployment name="ojdbc7.jar" runtime-name="ojdbc7.jar">                                                    
              <content sha1="7c9b5984b2c1e32e7c8cf3331df77f31e89e24c2"/>                                              
          <deployment name="camunda-webapp-jboss-7.2.0-SNAPSHOT.war" runtime-name="camunda-webapp-jboss-7.2.0-SNAPSHOT.war">
              <content sha1="8944e66c43de6c186b5085a5a35ec6d2522f5171"/>                                              
          <deployment name="XADisk.rar" runtime-name="XADisk.rar">                                                    
              <content sha1="307cb1f70d08fb375010369eea154c5db479eaba"/>                                              
          <deployment name="controller.rar" runtime-name="controller.rar">                                            
              <content sha1="2cfd95988489263b6361d48477f2957c16bfba91"/>                                              
          <deployment name="DefaultDS-ds.xml" runtime-name="DefaultDS-ds.xml">                                        
              <content sha1="8b21c5f08499c7ab2a7f05b00afcc63588afc2af"/>                                              
          <deployment name="sqljdbc4.jar" runtime-name="sqljdbc4.jar">                                                
              <content sha1="ecc4bc5c567954cdd1acd3c5985555c8d0355bb0"/>                                              
          <deployment name="mbi2e-gp3-ifx-ds.xml" runtime-name="mbi2e-gp3-ifx-ds.xml">                                
              <content sha1="21161219f0d10678f1d3bf86e41ea8c1ce0bcc45"/>                                              
          <deployment name="mbi2e-gp3.ear" runtime-name="mbi2e-gp3.ear">                                              
              <content sha1="dbee17dfdecccce3645f4bc3be19f52fcf800a32"/>                                              


      I never saw this before. And I don't see the same on my personal workstation with WF built from current master.


      Was there a code change recently reverting this or is this due to configuration or what? I not want these entries.