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    Want to use Kie-Workbench as my user interface. But HOW?

    Catherine Shi Newbie

      Dear all,


      I have a jBPM project called 'MyProject' in Eclipse with jBPM6.1 plugin.

      Now, I want to use the Kie-Workbench as the UI of 'MyProject'. That is, I want the users of 'MyProject' can create, modify and run their own BPMN diagram using Kie-Workbench, while the core of 'MyProject' including the WorkItemHandler.java, WorkDefinitions.wid and other related java files are now in the Eclipse.


      I know that a project created on Kie-Workbench can be pull and push between the Kie-Wb and the Eclipse using ssh.

      However, I have no idea about how can a project generated on Eclipse be run on Kie-Wb.


      I found that the structure of Kie-Wb projects and the structure of Eclipse-jBPM projects are quite different. So how can I do convert or remote?


      Do you have any idea or suggestion?


      Thank you so so much!