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    What constitutes Drools Runtime

    Ayusman Dikshit Newbie

      I am posting this question in Drools forum for a more specialized audience.


      I am using the Drools 6.1.0.Final documentation to set up my Eclipse environment. I am referring this documentation:

      Section " Drools Runtimes" in "http://docs.jboss.org/drools/release/6.1.0.Final/drools-docs/html_single/"

      Out of the many binaries in my drools installation (unzipped the "drools-distribution-6.1.0.Final.zip")


      Which jars constitute the Drools runtime jar file?

      I could just point my eclipse to the drools binaries folder, but I wanted to understand the minimal set of runtime jar files needed by Eclipse.

      Section Section " Dependencies and JARs" does talk about the dependency jars such as :

      knowledge-api.jar knowledge-internal-api.jar drools-core.jar drools-compiler.jar drools-jsr94.jar drools-decisiontables.jar 

      I was able to locate these 4:

      drools-core.jar drools-compiler.jar drools-jsr94.jar drools-decisiontables.jar 

      However these 2 :

      knowledge-api.jar knowledge-internal-api.jar 

      Is this substitution correct in Drools 6.1.0.Final release

      knowledge-api.jar --> kie-api-6.1.0.Final.jar knowledge-internal-api.jar --> kie-internal-6.1.0.Final.jar 

      What other jars I will need out of the Drools distribution's binaries folder to create a complete Drools Runtime?