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    How to insert an Order Detail ??????

    Stefano Gallina Newbie


      i have a classic scenario : and Order with a lot of details.
      I created them with JBuilder and i defined a relashionship between them : one order has more details.
      I have noticd that the Order entity has inside a collection of details.
      Well, when i have to insert or update and order i pass to the method an Object which contains the Order and all its details so what is the right way to insert the order.
      I did the following :

      1) set the values of the Order

      2) i scroll the Vector inside the Order object and i create the entity
      Detail ( so if the order has 10 details i call 10 times the entity
      Detail )

      So, how can i use the collection inside the entity Order.
      I think that i have just a little bit of confusion inside my mind.
      Cheers anyway.