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    S-RAMP performance tests


      I'm putting together a list of informal and formal performance tests, but would really appreciate your ideas on additional ways to hammer it.  Thoughts, so far:


      • Load 1 million metadata-only artifacts and empirically test the responsiveness of the Java client, shell, and UI.
      • Load 1 million metadata-only artifacts and attach a profiler, identifying CPU hotspots and memory utilization.
      • Load several thousand document artifacts, attach a profiler, and check for hotspots and utilization within the processing and ArtifactBuilder concepts.
      • Repeatedly create and delete artifacts, profiling for memory leaks.
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          I guess that the queries should also be tested, just to also provide on best practices on how to create/relate/classify artifacts in terms of performance when querying.

          I assume from your first tow points that each interface (java client, shell, ui) will be tested in isolation.


          Also, important, I do not know if there is any clustering communication happening if you have 2 active S-Ramp servers, but if you do, very important to see behavior, in terms of normal performance and while failing over.