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    Wildfly CMT Transactions

    Juan Martin Runge Newbie


      Im having a hard time trying something quite simple to work (code simplified for the sake of the example):




      public class DummyService {


           private EntityManager em;


           public void persistBean(Object bean) throws PersistenceException {

                try {



                } catch(PersistenceException ex) {

                     throw ex;

                } catch (Exception ex) {

                     throw new PersistenceException("Failed", ex);




           private void doSomethingElse() throws PersistenceException {

                Object b = em.find(Dummy.class, 1);

                throw new PersistenceException("Please rollback!")





      public class PersistenceException extends Exception {



          public PersistenceException(String message) {





          public PersistenceException(String message, Throwable cause) {

              super(message, cause);





      Another stateless SessionBean calls persistenceBean.persistObject(a).  I would expect that a wont get persisted due the exception thrown from doSomethingElse method (in fact, I expected transaction to be rolled back).  But this is not happening!  Object a gets persisted and I get the exception.  What should I do to make a rollback or to force EntityManager to rollback the transaction?

      I tried setting TransactionAttribute to REQUIRE_NEW for persistObject method and to MANDATORY for doSomethingElse method, but this didnt worked either.  I tried to use "setRollbackOnly" but didnt worked either. 

      Im lost.  Please help!


      Thanks in advance,


      Juan Martin