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    meaning of "Active" "Failure"

    Sriram N Newbie

      Hi All,


      I am pretty new to Fuse ESB and infinispan.

      I am trying to deploy a set of bundles

      When I tried to execute the list command, I found that one of the bundles was showing up as seen here below


      [ 595] [Active     ] [Failure] [       ] [   60] Sample Data Implementation (0.0.12)


      When I saw the error log, I found the following error

      Caused by: org.infinispan.commons.CacheConfigurationException: ISPN000327: Cannot find a parser for element 'infinispan' in namespace 'urn:infinispan:config:5.0'. Check that your configuration is up-to date for this version of Infinispan.

      Could anyone help me in this scenario please?




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          bharadwaj n Novice

          Osgi bundle life cycle :

          1.Installed - the bunle has been installed successfully

          2.Resolved - this state indicates that the bundle is either ready to be started or has stopped

          3.starting : the bundle is beaing started, the BundleActivator.start method will be called,

          and this method has not yet returned.

          4.active : the bundle has been successfully activated and is running, its bundle activator start method will be called and returned.

          5.stopping : the bundle is being stopped, The BundleActivator.stop method has been called but the stop method has not yet return

          6.uninstalled : bundle has been uninstalled successfully.


          Can you please try 4.2.1.CR3 version and see if you still have issues?

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            Sriram N Newbie

            Hi Bharadwaj / others,


            The issue was simple. I had my infinispan.xml configured for version5.0 while I was trying to use 7.0.0.

            Now, I am trying to understand the way to create infinispan.xml to adhere with 7.0 xsd schema.

            As my bundle was using this configuration, it was not getting deployed.

            Thanks for trying to help me out!