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    JBoss 3.2.x & MySQL 4.0.x

    Rafal Kedziorski Novice


      is there a possibility to set autocommit for ds cause:

      "In MySQL 4.0, the query cache works only with autocommit enabled. This restriction is removed in MySQL 4.1.1 and up."


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          Scott Stark Master

          Not in general, from the jca 1.5 spec:

 Auto Commit

          When a connection is in an auto-commit mode, an operation on the connection automatically commits after it has been executed. The auto-commit mode must be off if multiple interactions have to be grouped in a single transaction, either local or XA, and committed or rolled back as a unit. A resource adapter must manage the auto-commit mode as follows:

          o A transactional resource adapter, either at XATransaction or LocalTransaction level, must set the auto-commit mode to false within a transaction, either local or XA, on a connection participating in the transaction. This requirement holds for both container-managed and bean-managed transaction demarcation.
          o A transactional resource adapter must set the auto-commit mode to true, on connections that are used outside a transaction.