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    Error to access contents of older versions via CMIS

    Vitali Belenki Newbie

      Dear ModeShape community,


      we were not able to access contents of older versions by using of CMIS interface (1.1).


      Here the sequence of steps our code executes:


      1. Connect to CMIS repo

      2. Create a document

      3. Do check in of new contents (2 times)

      4. Try to access the older version using:

      Document.getAllVersions() method


      We figured out that the collection returned by this method contains 3 exactly the same documents with ID, content and properties of the latest version of the document,


      In attachment the java program how to reproduce the problem (testVersionCMIS.zip, all needed jars are included). Simple download, extract and execute: "java -jar testVersionCMIS.jar" to reproduce the problem.

      - runnable jar: ./testVersionCMIS.jar

      - Source: ./src/TestVersioningTemp.java

      - test files: ./testFiles



      If we use JCR API everything works fins, it seems really to be a CMIS related problem.


      Thanks in advance for your help!


      Best regards