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    Element stays locked after cluster node restart - Could not acquire lock

    filip inniger Newbie



      We are running a distributed Infinispan cluster in a non-JBoss environment. Sometimes when one of the cluster nodes is restarted a few transactions get "locked".


      When trying to remove the cache entry we get following error:


      org.infinispan.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Could not acquire lock on 4020204847648056088 on behalf of transaction RecoveryAwareGlobalTransaction{xid=< 1463898948, 36, 40, 00173-67113121-100000200389350121102-7496-35-89-1296-60-65-32-483211254189-29-2, 00173-67113121-100000200389350121102-7496-35-89-1296-60-65-32-483211254189-29-20001 >, internalId=32651148838048291} GlobalTransaction:<servername>:9649:local. Lock is being held by null

      It seems that the internal element lock is somehow corrupted. There seems to be no way to delete this cache entry except restarting the complete cluster. Possibly the element gets removed after some eviction timout but this is unclear.


      Some actions were already taken including:


      But all without success. Any ideas on how we could proceed in solving this issue would be highly appreciated. Thanks!