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    jboss clustering and cache

    Ram Shankar Periketi Newbie



      I am using app server in my application Here there is a need to get the images from a server and place them locally at a location and push on to browser from there.

      When i am using a single node with out clustering everything goes fine.


      When i am using jboss clustering with two nodes and when there is a switch between the nodes the images are not showing up in browser.

      Does switching between nodes clear the images in cache.Any help in this regard is

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          How do you cache the images?

          Only a cluster aware cache like Infinispan will do replication in a cluster.

          How do you switch between nodes? If you use a web frontend you should use session stickyness

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            Ram Shankar Periketi Newbie

            @Thanks for your reply Fink

            I cache images using MDM (i mean there is a server holding images where i connect for the first time and get images place in a folder ) second time around if the second request is

            present in cache folder get from there or else again hit MDM using existing connection place the image got in folder and show from there.


            switch between nodes is carried out by jboss on load and other parameters.Not aware of  cache used here.


            so does using same shared location for both nodes cause cache to be cleared or interfered