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    getProperty(): String vs Camel Property

    Max Ozkin Apprentice

      Hi, I've been playing with different SY 1.x versions and noticed following behaviour.


      My bean class has a ReferenceInvoker variable. Then I create ReferenceInvocation and call invoke().

      After that I get properties (both Exchange and Message scoped) from this ReferenceInvocation object.


      When I am using SY 1.1.0, getProperty("name") returns String object (for both Exchange and Message scope property).

      But when I am using slightly higher version of SY (1.1.x), getProperty("name") returns either org.switchyard.bus.camel.CamelExchangeProperty

      or org.switchyard.bus.camel.CamelMessageProperty object, and thus I have to additionally call getValue().


      Was there some change in that regard? What could be the explanation of this observation?