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    Introscope Wily with JBoss FUSE

    Vijay Ramachandran Newbie

      We are running FUSE 6.0 with one root and 3 child containers. We added the Wily jar to the CLASSPATH in the 'karaf' script in the root container 'bin' folder and it loads fine. But when we try to assign the same CLASSPATH to the child container, it does not seem to take it. We added it to the 'karaf' script under the 'instances' folder, in the 'admin' script (the child container calls this) in the KARAF_BASE/bin folder, but it does not seem to take it.


      We added some of the JAVA_OPTS params into the 'instance.properties' file under the 'instances' folder and that seem to have been taken. Only the Wily jars could not be added to the child containers CLASSPATH.


      Please let me know what i could try more.


      We are running FUSE 6.0 on Linux.