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    Infinispan 7 MapReduce giving inconsistent results

    Vijay Bhoomireddy Newbie



      We are using Infinispan Map Reduce for processing our datasets that are spread across nodes in the cluster. We are seeing some surprising results when Infinispan 7 is used. To provide the context, our input data contains 10965 records. When Map Reduce from Infinispan 6.0.2 is used, both Mapper and Reducer are seeing 10965 records and are processing the same. However, with the same code and input data, Infinispan 7 MR gives different results for different invocations of the program. For one run, it gave output as 10902 records and the next run it gave 10872 records. Results seem inconsistent across invocations.


      Not sure is this is an issue with the version7 of the framework. Any help would be greatly appreciated.