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    Is it a good idea to have single loadbalancer to have multiple groups ?

    Arun Raj Expert



      We are having 5 Server-Groups each groups contains 2 nodes each in two different hosts. More over, we are using Apache as our front end.


      Right now, I have configured a single loadbalancer in the apache level. My Configuration is following.



      Maxhost 1000

      Maxnode 1000


      <IfModule manager_module>


          ManagerBalancerName myservicelb


            <Location />

                  Order deny,allow

                  Allow from all


            KeepAliveTimeout 300

            MaxKeepAliveRequests 0


            AllowDisplay On

            <Location /mod_cluster_manager>

                  SetHandler mod_cluster-manager

                  Order deny,allow

                  Deny from all

                  Allow from *.domain.com


           <Location /server_status>

                  SetHandler server-status

                  Order deny,allow

                  Deny from all

                  Allow from *.domain.com




      I have just changed my ip address into loopback address.


      Applications are working. But Having no idea whether I have done a good configuration. Is it a good idea to have a single LoadBalancer for a multiple groups. I have deployed 2 or 4 applications in each groups.




      Arun Raj. R