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    Problem with the new version of RichFaces 5.0 and rich:select empty.

    Ignacio Ayuste Newbie

      Hi guys im using rich faces from the 4.0 version right now i updated for 4.5 version and i have problem when the rich:select have empty collection and make and ajax call is give me a javascript error. i attached the screenshot. aparrently is checking the length and is undefined because the collection is empty, this doesnt happen in early version. i remove the ajax call only for try and the problem is the same, i copy the code:


      Error Rich Select.png


      <h:outputLabel value="#{msgs['servicio.abm.label.cliente']}" for="cmbCliente"/>
      <rich:select id="cmbCliente" value="#{servicioController.cliente}" enableManualInput="true" clientFilterFunction="customFilter" defaultLabel="#{msgs['servicio.abm.combo.cliente.label']}" listWidth="575" styleClass="combo" converter="omnifaces.SelectItemsIndexConverter" >
      <f:selectItems itemLabel="#{c.apellido ne null ? (c.apellido.concat(' ')) : null}#{c.nombre} (#{c.id})" var="c" value="#{servicioController.clientes}" itemValue="#{c}"  />
      <a4j:ajax event="selectitem" listener="#{servicioController.cargarTitularesPorClienteAlta()}" render="panelComponentes"/>