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    MBean Service Archive Component deployment in JBOSS EAP 6.1

    Muruganandam P Newbie

      Hi All,


                 I have three ejb components keep it in separate jar file and one Mbean service component in a service archive file (.sar).  All the ejb jars are calling Mbean Service Archive component(.sar). 

      I have placed all the ejb jar and .sar files in the deployment folder.  The .sar file deployed first and other ejb are deployed next (I have mentioned the deployment order in jboss-all.xml) but during the deployment time ejb trying to look up the Mbean service archive component and getting the below error.  It looks like the MBean service  not ready immediately after the deployment. If I put some delay in EJB then its able to access MBean Services. I am facing this problem in  JBOSS EAP 6.1


      ERROR [stderr] (EJB default - 1) javax.management.InstanceNotFoundException: XYZComponent:service=XYZLoggerService

      ERROR [stderr] (EJB default - 1)   at org.jboss.as.jmx.PluggableMBeanServerImpl.findDelegate(PluggableMBeanServerImpl.java:94)

      ERROR [stderr] (EJB default - 1)   at org.jboss.as.jmx.PluggableMBeanServerImpl.invoke(PluggableMBeanServerImpl.java:263)



      Appreciate your help,