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    Setting default application on a per hostname basis

    John Ament Master

      So my questions about something that seems like it was a loss of functionality from jboss 4.x to jboss 5.x. In the past, it seemed like you could set a default application per hostname by using tomcat's virtual host configuration as well as modifying the context elements to have different ROOT's to server one hostname as www.somedomain.com and another as www.anotherdomain.com which both could result in a different root.war being loaded. this was all assuming you had a single JVM running for all of your apps.

      However, it seems like in jboss 5.x this was instead delegated to jboss-web or jboss-app or application xml files; where you now have to modify the one in ROOT.war to deploy to a different context, as well as modify your own to deploy to /. This seems a bit backwards to me for a few reasons. for one, i feel like it should be up to the app server, not the application itself, to be able to alter the context path. This argument could go either way though.

      basically, what i'd like to figure out is if i have 2 domains:


      both of which sit in front of a load balancer that redirects to


      if there is a way if i were to just go to http://public1:8080 (or public2) I get the default jboss landing page, but if I go to www.somedomain.com i get the default app for that hostname on the server, without any redirects.