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    Now for something completely different....

    K. Bachl Novice

      Instead of asking, blaming, crying and/ or posting bugs in modeshape, I just want to say a big




      to the modeshape team for 4.0;


      We included 4.0 into our webapp (jcr based crm based on wicket/ brix) around 1 week after its release and as this also allowed us to get rid of that lucene library of modeshape 3 that also allowed us to upgrade some parts to the current lucene 4 version by usage of elasticsearch 1.3.4 instead of the good old es 0.20 .... in the end, we did put it into production only after some short and uninteresting testing and so far it was amazing.


      ModeShape 4 + ES 1.3 really rocked our app by beeing faster and more stable than everything we had before. Beside this, we also were able to shrink our war by many megabytes in size and ram usage also declined. In the end, modeshape 4 is way better than its 3.x line and we werent hit by a single bug or problem so far!


      Keep up the good work!